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 Jewelry & Jewelry Design by JWO Jewelers 

At JWO we are committed to offering a wide selection of jewelry and designing unique jewelry pieces. Krist Hochburger’s brand  Von Hoch Designs, and one of his well known design creations include the Honor-Ring. Krist created the Honor-Ring to express your love to a special someone by edging a name or a meaningful word within the ring. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the Honor Ring. Whether you like diamond accents in white gold, or plain platinum with yellow gold, or rose gold and diamonds, the choice is yours. Check out our collection of Honor Rings. 

Custom Jewelry Design includes the Von Hoch Honor Ring

We offer a wide selection of jewelry for all occasions and cater to various budgets. Our diamond engagement setting selection is one of a kind and fully customizable. Krist and Heidi are a step above your traditional jewelry store “sales staff”, always trying to “close the sale” or push something on you that is not quite what you want. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond. Our Jewelry Design Process is truly unique, as it combines the skillset of a second generation jeweler and the tools available in 2017. 


Heidi and Krist help potential buyers by first assessing their needs, secondly giving the client different options and styles that fit in the parameters that were discovered earlier, and lastly, designing an heirloom that will be handed down from generation to generation. Your  Jewelry Design experience at JWO jewelers will be quite unique and always memorable. We offer a full range of custom design services. The process of custom design is different for every piece. Sometimes we can offer a blank mounting, a ring, pendant, bracelet, or earrings without stones that can fulfill your needs, and either set your gems in the piece or we can supply the gems if necessary. We work with a variety jewelry manufacturers that provide you with all the latest designs and also the timeless classic pieces. Have you ever fallen in love with a gorgeous piece of jewelry and for some reason or another you did not purchase it? Perhaps you felt it was overpriced or that you would want different stones or some subtle changes.

Custom Jewelry Design by Krist Hochburger is truly a unique experience!

Custom Jewelry Design includes Diamond Earrings

Decisions such as these can haunt us. Do not worry, if you can remember what the piece looks like, or have a Pinterest picture of a similar piece, or even a magazine clipping, Krist, and Heidi can guide you through the Custom Jewelry Design process to ensure you get exactly what you want and when you want it. In the event that we cannot find a blank mounting that suits your needs, or you desire a piece that is personalized, we now offer CAD/CAM services. What is CAD/CAM you ask? CAD is an acronym for “computer aided design”. CAM is an acronym for “computer aided machining”. Since the beginning of time, fine jewelry has been either hand fabricated, where the piece is made entirely from wire or stock and the assembled using solder or is carved out of wax by hand and then cast in metal.

Both of these processes have many limitations. When you have a piece of jewelry that is hand fabricated it usually has many solder joints throughout the piece which makes the piece very brittle. Solder is basically a lower karat metal that does not have the same properties as the rest of the metal, the reason it is used is because it has a lower melting temperature. Solder is good for repair when you can not weld, however, it is not good for manufacturing. Carving a piece from wax by hand is a bit better of a process since there is no solder in the piece, however, you will always be able to find the little mistakes due to human error, even the best of wax carvers can not carve a “perfect” piece. Both processes are subject to human error and depending on the craftsman making the model, some more so than others.


Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) for Custom Jewelry Design is an exact science

Using CAD (cocustom design jewelrymputer aided design) makes the custom jewelry design process much more precise than it has ever been. Now we design the piece to your needs on a computer, using the special software that is geared for jewelry. The biggest advantage of this is we are only limited by our imaginations. Designs that are impossible for a human to achieve are relatively easy using this new technology. Plus, when we do not have limitations we can focus more on design. Whether you want a custom 2-sided ring with you and your spouse’s name subtly recessed on the side in a font of your choice, or you want a one-of-a-kind family crest pendant we are your jeweler for custom design.