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JWO Jewelers A Second Generation Jewelry Store 


Von Hoch is  German and von is a preposition which approximately means of or from. When it is used as a part of a German family name, “Von” is usually a nobiliary particle and indicates a noble father’s lineage.Von Hochburger means “From the High Fort” The Family Name was changed from Von Hoch to Hochburger in the transition from Europe to the USA, why remains a mystery.

Krist Hochburger is truly a second generation jeweler. Krist’s Father (Dirk) immigrated to America from Germany in 1949, (as a very little boy and only child born to two german parents. Dirk’s biological father was killed during WWII and his mother married an American GI in 1948 and came to America via ship in 1949. They settled in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area. Dirk had a passion for horses, rocks, and gems while growing up. He started his retail career with JCP in 1964; from there he worked for Kohl’s as merchandise manager and was recruited to Gordon Jewelers in 1974. At Gordon’s he fulfilled the position of vice president of operations as his passion for jewelry continued to grow. He dealt with jewelry at a retail level but felt it would be more satisfying to design, create and bring to life pieces of jewelry. In 1986, Dirk left his job to pursue a full-time career in custom design and repair of jewelry for himself. Thus, JWO Jewelers came to life. Originally JWO Jewelers was a “Jewelers Wholesale Outlet”. Jewelers Wholesale Outlet began doing wholesale work for other retail jewelry stores. Shortly thereafter we went strictly retail under JWO Jewelers. We had several small locations and eventually opened up a new store in Roswell Georgia in October of 1995. We have enjoyed serving this community for the past 21 years and look forward to much more. During the early years of Jewelers Wholesale Outlet both of Dirk’s sons, Kirk and Krist worked alongside Dirk building this newly founded business. Krist is a second generation Jeweler that truly enjoys his craft and made it his own in every sence of the word.

Our Story Continues

The family shared the same passion for designing, creating, handcrafting and repairing jewelry. Their love for colored stones and metals mixed with their artistic ability and creativity seemed to have taken on a life of its own. Kirk left the family business in 1999 to pursue a new career.

Krist continued on and has been in the jewelry business since age 11 when he started his apprenticeship. In 1993 Krist attended Stewart’s International School for jewelers, where he graduated with honors. His vast experience and knowledge coupled with modern technology ables him to create one of a kind pieces and family heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation. Our modern technology includes Cad cam, laser welders, vacuum casting machines, electromagnetic tumbling, and various jewelry designing software, etc. It has been over a decade since Krist and Heidi took over their father’s business to continue the family tradition officially.


Von Hoch Designs is Krist Hochburger’s “Personal Brand of Custom Design Jewelry” He has made many beautiful pieces including the unique Von Hoch Honor Ring, which is available in a variety of designs.

Krist & Heidi Take Over

In this mix of the family is the daughter, Heidi. She worked with the family briefly in the early 1990’s and moved to Nashville Tennessee for a few years to pursue a different career path. She returned to JWO Jewelers in 1998 and enjoys working with her brother and clients on designing custom pieces as well as restoring vintage jewelry and manages the design and business side of JWO Jewelers. She is responsible for designing, and merchandising, pearl /bead restringing, etc. Moving forward to 2016, Dirk (the father) is now retired and enjoying every minute of it. After many years of hard work and building JWO Jewelers, it was time for Krist and Heidi to take the reign. However, Dirk is still involved behind the scenes and consults as needed. So, instead of the proverbial mom and pop shop, we now have a brother and sister design center. We love what we do and do what we love! We are constantly improving our work and our environment!

Why Choose A Second Generation Jeweler

Growing up in the Jewelry business meant learning that the clients are the most important element within the business. JWO Jewelers takes pride in being unique and provides excellent customer service consistently. The boutique style approach to “Jewelry Design” allows Heidi and Krist to personalize and create long-lasting relationships with their clients. Once you do business with JWO Jewelers, the goal is to come back for every occasion and build on the jewelry collection.  It is so much easier to do so when the designer knows style, preference, ring size, birth month, anniversary and so-forth.  Why deal with a Jewelry chain stores with high markups and little flexibility. JWO Jewelers started their journey in the same Roswell Ga location in 1986. Over a decade ago Dirk Hochburger sold the business to Krist Hochburger and Heidi Hochburger, his children. Krist is not only an educated Jewelry Designer that has been on the jewelry bench since he was a young man but he also learned the craft of fine Jewelry Repair and Jewelry Design by his father.


Watch Krist Hochburger the second generation Jeweler create beautiful Jewelry!