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Pearls Restringing Roswell GAPearls Restringing

A beautiful strand of pearls is something that can last through the generations. They must be handled with care and well taken care of.  From time to time pearls must be professionally restrung to insure their strength and integrity, as well as freshening them up. While your pearls are in our care we will treat them with TLC and professionally restring them with quality knotting that will last for years.

The tradition of handing down the family pearls seems to be a practice that is not going away. Nothing says, tradition, honor and privilege like being handed the family pearls. Pearls are a classic, a staple if you will  in any style or fashion they are strung. But sometimes we just need them to be updated with a new style.  Maybe taking a triple or double strand and restringing it into an opera length strand to be layered with other beads. Or possibly shortening the length and adding a beautiful diamond and gemstone clasp. Whatever the request, know that we can accommodate any design you may have, or we can help you design a one of a kind piece using all your family pearls.




Pearls Restringing Roswell GAOver time pearls will show some signs of wear and tear.  The silk knots between the pearls may become soiled with body oils, cosmetics, etc.  A professional restringing will restore them back to life again.  Pearls must always be restrung with knots between them, as this protects the nacre on the outside of the pearl.  The knot allows just enough space for the pearls not to touch each other.  Once the pearls are touching this will crack and damage the nacre of the pearl.  Nacre, also known as mother-of-pearl, is a crystalline substance that creates the iridescent visual effect attributed to pearls. Nacre is an organic substance secreted by mollusks over an intruding irritant or implanted nucleus. It is a strong and resilient material that is lightweight and transparent, allowing light to pass through its surface, creating a subtle glow on the surface of the pearl.

When having your pearls restrung by Jwo Jewelers, there are a few steps you can expect to ensure the best possible, quality work is done on your pearls.  First, we will measure and count all your pearls, we will consult with you on the length of your pearls, we will discuss any clasp issues and we will never send your pearls out to be restrung.  All pearl restringing will be done on premises.  A few things you can expect after your pearls are restrung;  If you choose to have your pearls knotted they will come back a bit shorter than before, pearl strands stretch over time and when professionally restrung they will be much tighter.  If your strand was unknotted and now you would like it knotted, it will be a bit longer due to the knots between the pearls.  They will look fresh and beautiful!


Pearl restringing is one of the few jewelry tasks that is done entirely by hand.  We only use the best quality pearl silk and the most advanced restringing tools to restring.  Everything is double threaded and knotted to perfection.

Caring for your pearls is a must.  With a few simple tips, your pearls will be looking fresh for years to come.

1- Pearls are the last thing you should put on before leaving, and the first thing you take off when you get home.

2- Do not apply hairspray, perfume, or any other cosmetic products after you have put on your pearls.

3- Never soak pearls in jewelry cleaner.

4- Never wear pearls while bathing, showering or swimming.

5- Wipe your pearls with soft moist cloth after wearing and before storing them.

6- Always store your pearls in a soft cloth or pouch to keep them protected from anything abrasive.

7- Wear them often!