Mother’s Day Favorites

Mother’s day favorites include 3 stone diamond pendants

Mother’s Day Favorites

 Top Mother’s Day Jewelry Favorites for 2017

Every Year the struggle begins and men are trying to figure out Mother‘s Day favorites.
The search should begin in April and dads either start to wonder and then forget, or employ grandmas, secretaries, and even mom’s best girlfriend to help them find the perfect gift for mom. Of course, the last minute shoppers are always at a disadvantage because they pay more and the selection is scarce. After conducting research with our moms and asking about Mother‘s Day Favorites, this is what we came up with when asking moms in various age categories.
#1  Non-Jewelry Gift –Homemade Cards from the Children and Grand Children! 
Mother’s Day Favorites
Well, of course, our hearts melt when it comes to our children and grandchildren and nothing replaces the innocence and beauty of a homemade card by young children.

Top Jewelry Gift Choice – 
The Diamond Pendant

 Mother’s Day Favorites
What was the thought behind this Mother’s Day Favorite?
Well, most women said they could pass it on to their children and it would not require a redesign if set in a plain setting with a round brilliant diamond in Yellow or White Gold.
Jewelry Gift Certificates
JWO Jewelry Gifts
Gift Certificates were 2nd on the list because it allows moms to choose what she likes and still ables her to buy a sentimental gift that the entire family can be included in.
Sentimental Diamond Jewelry
Mother’s day favorites include 3 stone diamond pendants
Mother’s Day Favorites included the 3 Stone Diamond Pendants representing the past present and future.  The 3 stone Diamond pendants, rings, and earrings came in fashion in the early the late 90’s – early 2000’s and never really lost its excitement after the initial marketing and romantic meaning.  
Charm Bracelets and Charms for Bracelets 
Make sure she loves bracelets and know what her favorite metal is. Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose-Gold are usually the choices.  Though Pandora is very trendy, JWO does not carry Pandora and lots of ladies prefer a unique charm bracelet, customized for her specific likes. 
Charm bracelets and charms are perfect to build on for future occasions and makes it easy for dad and kids to purchase new charms to add to the memories. 
Birthstone Charms or Pendants
MOTHER’S DAY FAVORITES Custom Design Pendant
 Birthstone Charms or Pendants of our children remind us of special moments and represent the love between Mom and her children. Much like with the charm bracelet, make sure she wears bracelets and or necklaces. If mom is an earring or ring fan you can apply this idea to earrings or rings. Who would not like a pair of Sapphire and Diamond Earrings or a Ring if one of the kids happens to be born in April or September? Be careful on the sizes for rings and ask if the ring can be resized.  




Mother’s day favorites JWO Jewelers - diamond earring selection at JWO

Our Diamond Earring Selection is extensive, what we do not have we can custom make in house or order from one of our exclusive vendors.

When we asked our moms why they did not opt for rings or earrings first, the answer was interesting. Most of our women said that ring sizes were difficult depending on what
finger the ring would be worn on and earrings have to be tried on unless the gift is a new pair of Diamond Studs.
JWO Jewelers would love to design, repair or help you choose a piece from one of our jewelry cases.Call us or stop by Tuesday through Friday 10-6 or Saturday 10-4  Call 770-552-9235 

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