Buying Diamond Earrings at JWO Jewelers

Diamond Earrings

Buying Diamond Earrings at JWO Jewelers

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Interested in beautiful, artistic diamond earrings? We’ve got you covered at JWO Jewelers, where custom pieces are our specialty. We’re in the business of creating heirlooms and memories – not reselling items that can be found anywhere in the world. Our job is to make a unique piece of jewelry that you can keep for the rest of your life; and we pride ourselves in our ability to do that job.

If you’re interested in seeing our current specials, click here. You can also view our positive customer reviews here. Our story can be read here. As a sibling-owned company, our story is very important to us. It proves that we’ve worked hard to be here – and that we’ve been in the business long enough to know what we’re doing. With our CAD application (Computer Assisted Design), we can make any diamond earrings you can imagine – including stud earrings, dangling earrings and shiny earrings.

We also have the ability to create diamond line earrings, diamond hoop earrings, diamond ear jackets, and diamond halo studs. This is just a few options – the reality is limited only to your imagination. Since we can create any piece to perfection based solely on your vision, the choices are (essentially) limitless.

Diamond earrings are a staple in women’s fashion. There’s no arguing that fact. Diamond stud earrings go well with little black dressed, pearls, and high heels. Timeless and classy, they can be worn with a dressy outfit or a casual outfit. Often, stud earrings finalize a look. Add black gloves and an up-do – you’ll be the center of attention in no time.

Hoop earrings are far different from stud earrings. They provide a completely different look at feel. Small diamond hoops are preferable for daytime activities, though they can be worn into the night. Large diamond hoops are irresistible for a night on-the-town with your friends or significant other. Hoops have a way of making a statement, especially the new inside/outside diamond hoops that have traditional set diamonds in the front of the earring, as well as a row of diamonds facing front from inside the hoop.

Diamond ear jackets are a completely different ball game. They can enhance a diamond stud, pearl stud, or gemstone stud earring. It’s almost like a circle that surrounds your stud, giving it a highlight. Ear jackets add sparkle and shine, making your outfits even more elegant.

At the end of the day, diamond earrings are about playfulness and sexiness. They demand attention and respect, without the wearer needing to say a single word. We enjoy working with diamonds because they supply sass, romance, and adventure without even trying. If you or someone you love has an itch to wear a quality diamond, JWO Jewelers is the place to be.

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