Custom Diamond Jewelry Design at JWO Jewelers


Custom Diamond Jewelry Design at JWO Jewelers

Custom Diamond Design Custom Diamond Design and more…

At JWO Jewelers, Krist and Heidi are always a step ahead of your traditional jewelry store sales staff. We pride ourselves in our honesty and integrity. You won’t catch us trying to “close the sale” or force you into a deal that you aren’t comfortable accepting. We’re dedicated to giving you a quality experience. Our job is to be fine jewelry consultants – and we believe that we accomplish our goals by keeping you (our customer) happy. One way we often keep our customers satisfied is through our custom diamond design. A particular favorite for springtime, our diamonds are currently listed under our specials programs, which you can read about here

Your custom diamond design experience at JWO Jewelers will always be unique and memorable. You’ll never find someone else wearing your piece – after all, it was handcrafted for you. We create heirlooms, rather than market jewelry. We’re giving you something that will, quite literally, last you a lifetime.

Our custom diamond design services range, depending on the piece you’re looking to purchase. We offer blank mountings, rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and several other options – just ask, if you’re curious! You can contact us (or schedule an appointment) by clicking here. You can also read positive customer reviews here.

Custom Diamond Design

We work with a number of manufacturers – and each one is dedicated to providing you with all the latest designs and timeless, classic pieces. If you’ve ever fallen in love with a piece of jewelry, but didn’t have the money to purchase it, we can recreate it for you. If you can supply a picture or a brief explanation of the piece, we’ll do our best to make it happen. After all, we’re here to make you happy. We’re here to put those regretted decisions to rest.

JWO Jewelers now offers CAD/CAM services, which are acronyms for “Computer Aid Design” and “Computer Aided Machining”. Fine jewelry has always been hand fabricated and made entirely from wire or stock, or else carved out of wax by hand and cast in metal. However, both of these processes have unique limitations.

Hand fabrication has many solder joints, making the piece very brittle (solder is a low-karat metal that doesn’t have the same properties as the rest of the metal). Solder is great for repair, but it isn’t good for manufacturing. Carving a piece from wax by hand is an easier process, but you’ll always be able to find mistakes due to human error. Not even the best wax carvers can offer a “perfect” piece.

Since these processes are both prone to error on the part of craftsman, JWO has turned to CAD – which makes the custom diamond design process more precise than it’s ever been. Now, we design the piece to your preference on a computer before we begin crafting. We are only limited to our imaginations.

Whatever you desire, we can create. If you need custom diamond design services, we’re ready to provide. We have the technology, means, and skill to make a family heirloom that you’ll be able to cherish for the rest of your life – and we’re confident you’ll be satisfied. In fact, we’re certain.

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