Pearl Restringing at JWO Jewelers

Pearl Restringing

Pearl Restringing at JWO Jewelers

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It’s no secret that a strand of pearls can last for generations, assuming they’re properly handled and cared for. Every once in awhile, however, pearls need to be professional restrung. This ensures the integrity and strength of your pearls. It also gives them a fresh, new look.

Pearl Restringing at JWO

At JWO Jewelers, we handle pearl restringing with pride and gratitude – we know how much trust our customers have in our ability to properly handle their family heirlooms and expensive pieces of jewelry. Our quality knotting and TLC will provide your pearls with security that will last for years. And, when the time comes for another pearl restringing, we’ll be here to take your call.

The tradition of handing down pearls isn’t going away anytime soon. We have no doubt about that. There’s something honorable and privileged about being provided with a valuable family heirloom. Besides, pearls promise a classic, staple look when worn on special occasions. There’s nothing more timeless to pass on to your children. Except, perhaps, diamonds.

Though pearls are timeless, they sometimes need to be updated. A single strand may become a double or triple strand. A long necklace may become an opera-length necklace. Whatever design you’re picturing for your heirloom, we can create. Your piece will be one-of-a-kind and unique – something that your family will continue to take pride in for generation.

A pearl restringing does more than update style. It also mends silk knots that can become soiled with cosmetics and natural body oils. Knots protect the nacre on the outside of a pearl, so this is extremely important – even more so than a style update. Once the pearls on your necklace (or bracelet) are touching, the nacres risk cracking or otherwise becoming damaged. You should avoid this at all costs – and we can help you there. We understand your need. We also understand budget. And we’re more than happy to work with you – whatever your situation may be.

First, we’ll measure and count your pearls. Then, we’ll ask you what length you would like for your pearls to be restrung. We can also talk about issues with clasps, knots, and style. We will never send your pearls to be restrung elsewhere – we do all of our pearl restringing work at our own business.

Keep in mind that re-knotted pearls will be slightly shorter than before, since pearl strands stretch naturally over time. They will be far tighter when they leave our store than when they came in. This is normal, and should be anticipated when we discuss style.

At JWO Jewelers, located in Roswell, Georgia, we value our customers. A sibling team that has plenty of experience to boast, there’s very little that JWO hasn’t done. We handle custom jewelry design, diamond and birthstone placement, and jewelry maintenance – all on a regular basis. To learn more about our company, visit our website. You can also schedule an appointment by visiting our contact page.

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