Vintage-Inspired Locket Necklaces Are Trending This Season

Jewelry History and Vintage-Inspired Locket Necklaces

Vintage-Inspired Locket Necklaces Are Trending This Season

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Trending: Vintage-Inspired Locket Necklaces

These necklaces are just one of the many jewelry trends that can be seen on celebrities this season.

According to, Vintage-Inspired Locket Necklaces are back. A locket can be a perfect piece to pass on to your children.

Beyond being simply beautiful, jewelry can be special because of the personalization that is always possible when you visit a private jeweler. Nothing is more personalized than a vintage-inspired locket necklace. It can hold a significant memory or a piece of history to share with your grandchildren to come.

At JWO Jewelers, we can custom design, re-create from an old piece, or order you the perfect vintage-inspired locket. We offer Estate Jewelry, so there is a chance we have an actual vintage or antique piece available for you to purchase. Of course, we carry a variety of lockets in our selection of jewelry as well.

From the option to include your birthstone to engraving the outside of your vintage-inspired locket with a particular shape signifying love or a family tradition, the options are without limit. Designers are already capitalizing on these trends and are including specific causes and religious symbols in their new lines. Pinterest is the perfect place to get ideas. We offer 3D CAD Software to build your custom creation from a picture or graphic that you can bring to us.

If you are interested in purchasing Vintage-Inspired Locket Necklaces, or an original vintage piece from us, please visit our store in Roswell between Tuesday and Friday from 10-6 p.m. or Saturday from 10-4 p.m.

Contact us at (770)-552-9235 or schedule an appointment online today.

Take a look at some impressive options below:

From left to right – Laced Engraved Silver Locket – Gold Swivel Locket – Oval Birthstone Locket

Vintage-Inspired Locket NecklacesVintage-Inspired Locket NecklacesVintage-Inspired Locket Necklaces

From left to right – Enameled Roses Heart Locket – Oval Shaped Enameled Locket


Vintage-Inspired Locket Necklaces Vintage-Inspired Locket Necklaces  




Popular Vintage-Inspired Locket Necklaces include keepsake, perfume, picture, memorial, and charm lockets. 

Keepsake lockets make wonderful gifts on special occasions such as births, baptisms, anniversaries, or weddings. Inside, there is usually a space to place a small photo behind a plastic or glass cover. You can also place a lock or hair or other memorabilia inside. These lockets are the most common.

Perfume lockets were originally made with small openings in which perfumed fabric squares were placed inside to hide unpleasant odors. Today, you can make a perfume locket at home.

Picture lockets (also known as Daguerreotype type picture lockets) are a variation of keepsake lockets that hold a Daguerreotype photo. These vintage photos and lockets were especially popular in North America during the Civil War.

Memorial or mourning lockets hold memorabilia from someone who has been lost. These are similar to keepsake lockets, but the meaning is different.

Charm lockets have become especially popular over the past decade. They are lockets in which a charm or sign has been engraved. This personalizes the experience for the wearer.

We’ve seen keepsake, picture, and charm lockets on celebrities this year – and we expect to see more. At JWO Jewelers, we can create, find, or provide a variety of Vintage-Inspired Locket Necklaces that will serve as a beautiful gift, tribute, or style.

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