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Estate Jewelry, Vintage & Antique Jewelry by JWO Jewelers

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Estate Jewelry at JWO Jewelers While these terms Estate, vintage and antique seems to be used interchangeably, they all have different meanings. Estate refers to any piece of jewelry that has previously been owned. This in and of itself encompasses most all vintage and antique jewelry due to the age of the pieces. Vintage refers to a specific period of time in history. Whereas, antique refers to any piece that is at least a century old (100 years).   Just the difference in how a piece is named can greatly influence the value of the piece. For more information about the incredible value at JWO Jewelers, check out our specials page.



Estate Jewelry Pieces at JWO Jewelers can include beautiful diamond and emerald necklaces from a specific time period.

Estate Jewelry Pieces at JWO Jewelers can include beautiful diamond and emerald necklaces like this one

Estate Jewelry can be acquired from estate sales, a passing of someone, an engagement gone wrong and even a yard sale, etc. Within these estate jewelry pieces, some may be vintage, antique or simply just estate.  Estate pieces are generally twenty to thirty years old.  Again, the term estate encompasses a very large group of jewelry, ranging from specific time periods, to different styles as well age of piece. So don’t be fooled, always ask questions about estate pieces. Perhaps, you should ask the age of the piece to determine for yourself if it is estate, vintage or antique. As usual with most things, antique pieces will always fetch a higher price. We love old things; they take us back in time. Possibly to a time we know nothing about, but we love the piece and  it gives a sense of nostalgia. 

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry usually refers to a particular period in time. Some of the time periods in vintage include Modern, Mid Century Modern, Art Deco, Edwardian, Victorian, Art Nouveau and Retro. Most all these styles mentioned have unique attributes that tell us the era in which it was crafted. Many of the diamonds used in these pieces will be the old mine cut or rose cut diamond, as well as the European cut diamond. Their designs will have handmade components skillfully soldered together. Many times there is hand etching in the gallery and the shank.   These pieces were usually created for a specific customer and tell a story. These features are almost a lost art in this day and age.

Estate Jewelry at JWO Jewelers in Roswell Georgia

Antique Jewelry

Antique Jewelry is always going to be at least 100 years old or older. So at this time, we are looking at 1920’s or older to be considered antique. In the 1920’s one of the most popular designs were Art Deco, this design used bold colors and geometric designs that gave a modern look for the time.   Actually the sleek, sexy and chunky styles that were in style at that particular time seem to be coming back in style. Many of the large layered neckpieces and cuff type bracelets we love to wear now look very familiar from days of old.

Antique-Vintage-Estate Jewelry

Most pieces, whether “Antique, Vintage or Estate” reflect a style or specific year by using single cut, old mine cut or European cut diamonds. The single cuts are simplicity and a lot of sparkle with only 18 facets this “single stone” packs a big punch of brilliance. The old mine cut a favorite of many with its somewhat square shape, a small table and no cutlet has an approximate 57-58 facets. Then we have the European cut also very popular among Antique Jewelry lovers, a nice round stone with deep proportions, a small table and no cutlet. The European cut was typically used in jewelry in the late 1800’s.

We carry a nice selection of antique, vintage and estate jewelry at JWO Jewelers. Most of our pieces are acquired through estate sales in the Southeast area. We are fortunate to know the backstory on some of the pieces we have. We have always said, “If these vintage pieces could talk, what a story they would tell”. Much like the story of our own company!

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