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Custom Engagement Ring Design

JWO Jewelers & Von Hoch Fine Jewelry Designs
 have been in the Custom Engagement Ring Design business since 1986. Beside Custom Engagement Ring Design, JWo specializes in elegant jewelry pieces for their long term clients. Throughout our 30 years working in the local community, countless Roswell residents have received beautifully crafted, Custom Engagement Ring Design from JWO Jewelers. At JWO Jewelers we now offer  CAD/CAM design technology, the cutting edge of equipment in the jewelry industry today. In addition, to perfect a unique one of a kind Custom Engagement Ring Design, Krist Hochburger has invested in a 3D Printer, making it even easier to design and re-design pieces. CAD/CAM is an essential tool for crafting the perfect ring. We are extremely passionate about Custom Engagement Ring Design: we go the extra mile to ensure that each piece we design is as unique and timeless as your relationship.

Why Should You Commit To A Custom Engagement Ring Design? Because Your Love is Unique! 

Your relationship has an individual, one-of-a-kind story. Your Custom Engagement Ring Design should reflect that story. The ring you give to your partner will forever signify your truly unique love and commitment. Let this piece of jewelry communicate your love in ways words just can’t. So many people today take the easy way out and buy their engagement ring from a store at the mall. In all likelihood, 10,000 others will have the exact same mass-produced ring. Quite frankly, a ring like that ends up being nothing but an afterthought later in life. Those rings aren’t crafted by hand with care like ours. You put effort into every other aspect of your relationship, so let us help you craft a ring that tells your partner you care. Give your woman a ring that she can be proud to show her friends, one that comes with a unique and romantic story.

How Can We Commit To The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring Design? Because we are Jewelry Design Experts! 

When we make that one of a kind ring for you,  we want yo to be involved and feel good about your decision to shop with us. The Custom Engagement Ring Design process can be stressful if you visit a store that does not want to include your style or wishes.  You don’t have to be an artist to assist in the process, you just have to care and help us understand your unique needs and desires.  Let us be a part of your special  memories to come and describe interactions, memories, and motifs, so we can do what we do best!  A Custom Engagement Ring Design that is just perfect for you and your loved one is what counts to us. Our expert designer Krist Hochburger will work with you every step of the way and ensure that the piece is both reflective of your relationship and aesthetically pleasing to you.  Krist and Heidi Hochburger are experts in helping you  physically manifest the unique ideas and emotions found in every relationship. Still not sure on where to start with your ring? Stop by our store to meet us Tuesday through Saturday. You can call us at 770-552-9235. Bring yourself, bring her Pinterest Ideas or magazine clippings, and let us have a great time with your Custom Engagement Ring Design. 

We have the ability to re-design pieces that were passed down, or simply update them, or even just using the heirloom diamond in a newer modern setting. Yes, we can also order from famous brands and vendors of your liking at a fraction of the cost, with the guarantee of quality and authenticity. Don’t buy your jewelry online. At least not the Engagement Piece. We have had to tell people that the special diamond or setting purchased online, was not what they thought they bought!


A Few Of the Major Issues With Online Purchases Can Be: 

  • Laser Enhanced Diamonds
  • Bad Quality Diamonds 
  • False Diamond Certificates 
  • Fake Stones 
  • Exaggerated Stone Quality 
  • Over-Priced for Quality

We take pride in ordering and helping  you choose a loose diamond if you desire so and we do so at the best possible prices available on the market. 


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Designer, Krist Hochburger

Our lead designer, Krist Hochburger, creates rings that are timeless, fashionable, and reflective of the relationship you share with your significant other. In the same way that only you can really understand the ins and outs of your relationship, your ring will be truly special to you  and your partner. After confirming a Custom Engagement Ring Design with Krist, your ring mold is carefully created according to the CAD/CAM SPECS. It is crafted with the same quality as those at Tiffany’s or Cartier, only more unique, and one of a kind if you desire so. We only utilize the highest quality metals  in our forging process. They are elegantly tapered and beveled and their prongs seamlessly rise and hold the stones securely. Rings from the local mall won’t hold a candle to ours (At least we would like to think so). Give your bride to be a lasting gift that is unrivaled in both quality and care. Be a part of your own Custom Engagement Ring Design that embraces your story and one that will remain in vogue as long as you are together. 

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