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At JWO Jewelers we take pride in being “Your Local Custom Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Design Boutique”.

JWO Jewelers are a step above your traditional jewelry store. Heidi and Krist are in the business for the long haul, they enjoy the long-lasting relationships that were created by their father long before they were old enough to remember.New relationships were formed once they purchased the business from their dad and not only are Krist and Heidi passionate and experienced fine jewelry consultants. A Jewelry consultant helps their clients by first assessing their needs, secondly giving them uniquely different options, and lastly respects their budget. This is especially important when it comes to brides and grooms to be. Krist will design or re-create engagement and wedding rings that can be handed down from generation to generation.

Brides and Grooms, get ready for a lifetime of memories & a truly beautiful and personable experience.

Your custom bridal design experience at JWO Jewelers will be quite unique and always memorable.

We offer a full range of custom diamond and gemstone engagement and wedding bands, including “Von Hoch Design”.

Marriage Proposal

The process of designing custom jewelry is unique for every piece. JWO Jewelers can set your own diamond heirloom piece for your beautiful bride to be, or they can supply the diamonds from their own stock and/or custom order. The same goes for gems. As long as the heirloom piece contains diamonds or gemstones that are in good condition and not chipped or badly worn, they can be utilized as either a part or the entire custom engagement or wedding ring. They also carry a variety of diamond engagement settings and wedding bands in stock. The stock pieces are hand picked and selected by Heidi and Krist.

JWO Jewelers works with a variety of high-quality jewelry and because they have been around for 30 years and have access to hundreds of vendors and manufacturers. This means good connections and great pricing on the latest brands, designs and classic pieces. “Von Hoch Diamond Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Design” is available as one of the unique options with quite a few surprising elements. One of those special elements is the Honor-Ring, designed with love and the thought of HONORing the union to come. Krist Hochburger would love the opportunity to create a special Von Hoch Custom Ring for your special union to come.

Check through our site to view some of our special “Von Hoch Custom Design Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands”. Why should you choose JWO over many other jewelers in the area? Well because they are able to utilize a special CAD software to create or re-create your dream ring.

Bridal JewelryHave you have ever fallen in love with a gorgeous piece of jewelry and for some reason or another you did not purchase it? Perhaps you felt it was overpriced, or feared you would change your mind. Now you remember what it looked like and cannot find it anymore. JWO will and can re-create almost any piece of jewelry with a good description, a drawing or a photograph. If you want something a bit more personalized, choose the CAD “Computer Aided Design”.

The biggest advantage of this software is that there are not limits to the design except our imagination. Designs that are almost impossible to achieve by hand, while still keeping a fair price, are relatively easy to produce when using this modern technology. There is a small CAD fee for the time and effort the jeweler puts into designing the perfect model for you. If you decide to purchase the piece designed for you, the CAD fee will be applied to the purchase. Once the design is created to your specifications and only after it is approved by you, Krist Hochburger can get to work on turning the model into the custom ring for your bride or groom to be.