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JWO Jewelers Estate Jewelry Collection

JWO Jewelers offers  Estate Jewelry at their boutique Jewelry Store in Roswell. The collection changes as people buy them and new pieces are purchased. To see our current collection, or to put in a special request for estate pieces, visit our store in Roswell Georgia. You can call us at 770-552-9235 to set up an appointment with a specific time and date.


What does Estate Jewelry mean?

Vintage White Gold Emerald & Diamond Earrings

While these terms Estate Jewelry, vintage jewelry and antique jewelry  seems to be used interchangeably, they all have different meanings. Estate refers to any piece of jewelry that has previously been owned. This in and of itself encompasses most all vintage and antique jewelry due to the age of the pieces. Vintage refers to a specific period of time in history. Whereas, antique refers to any piece that is at least a century old (100 years).   Just the difference in how a piece is named can greatly influence the value of the piece.

Estate Jewelry is pre-owned jewelry. These pieces can be acquired from estate sales, a passing of someone, and engagement gone wrong, a yard sale, etc. Within these pieces, some may be vintage, antique or simply just estate. 

Estate pieces are generally twenty to thirty years old.  Again, the term estate encompasses a very large group of jewelry, ranging from specific time periods to different styles as well age of the piece. So don’t be fooled, always ask questions about estate pieces. Perhaps, you should ask the age of the piece to determine for yourself if it is estate, vintage or antique. As usual with most things, antique pieces will always fetch a higher price. We love old things; they take us back in time. Possibly to a time we know nothing about, but we know we love the piece. It gives us a sense of nostalgia, a sense of style if you will.