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Von Hoch Fine Jewelry Designs

We are very proud to announce the launch of our new jewelry line “Von Hoch Designs”.   We offer diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, gemstone and diamond rings, diamond pendants, and gemstone and diamond pendants – which are all available in 18 karat and platinum.  

When using smaller diamonds in our pieces, we only use excellent cut diamonds. This adds brilliance and sparkle, G color or better, and VS clarity. We feel privileged to be designers in today’s jewelry industry.  Our precept for these designs would be “more diamonds, less metal”. Our custom designs are ever evolving and constantly changing.   

We are continually focusing on what a piece of jewelry wants or needs. Once a piece is started, it just seems to take on its own identity – like a new life waiting to create a story. We love delicate simplicity, with a bit of light form and airy design.  Designs that seem to flow and twist while paying special attention to detail – each piece we craft is slightly different from the others. Sometimes, we  incorporate something special and unique in the gallery of a piece, perhaps a small hidden diamond on the side.

We use four-prong and common-prong settings to allow for maximum light and reflection of the diamonds we use.  Our “Von Hoch Designs” line is extremely similar to a diamond itself – no two diamonds are alike, and our pieces are never exactly alike either. A cookie cutter gallery of jewelry we are not. We like designing things that you won’t see any where else.  

Nature is a big inspiration and design giver for us, and some of our best design is birthed while sitting outside on a deck in the woods and taking it all in. We allow our minds to wander and be at peace, and that’s where the best designs in come into play. Our clients also play a large part in our inspiration. They allow us to think outside the box.  

We would love to show you our new “Von Hoch Designs” jewelry line. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us to discuss your vision.

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