Bracelet Trends On Pinterest

Bracelet Trends On Pinterest 2016-2017

Bracelet Trends On Pinterest

Men’s Bracelet Trends On Pinterest 

Men’s Bracelet Trends On Pinterest clearly show that men are included in the current fashion jewelry trends.

View this  and many other bracelet trends pictures on Pinterest!  Did you know that the Men’s Bracelet Trends on Pinterest show bracelets are worn on the same wrist as the Watch is worn? The newest bracelets are trendy and sexy. Visit our Pinterest Page and view our collection of pins for men’s bracelets. From steel cable to real gold to leather, there is a great selection to choose from. JWO Jewelers has a great selection of jewelry and what we do not have in stock we can certainly order for you.

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What is really going on with fashion jewelry as it relates to men’s bracelet trends on Pinterest? 

So there is a lot of stacking of bracelets in silver and leather, braided leather bands with beads seem to go well with high-end designer watches like Rolex and Tag Heuer as well as  the mid-range price brands such as Citizen Watches. 

So what is up  with the  men in classy suits and funky often Italian made bracelets? Well, let Pinterest tell you the story…..



Apparently, it is socially acceptable to wear a $2000 dollar suit with stacked silver bracelets ranging from $20-$100,000 and above. Furthermore, this trend can be seen on the young and not so young. From celebrities to physicians, to stock brokers, to young artist’s, the men’s bracelet trends on Pinterest is taking over the globe and consumers are getting ideas online and purchasing  the items at high-end stores and online. The benefit in purchasing from a boutique jeweler is obviously the guarantee and options. JWO can order and/or custom design from a picture you saved from an  online vendor or even a screenshot. JWO Jewelers also has the ability to order in a variety of budgets with similar designs and guarantees the authenticity of the item ordered. The good news is that once you become a regular client you can simply send an idea to Heidi or Krist and they will go to work for you. They will find the best options and prices and spoil you rotten. Yes I know, it might not be instant gratification, but if you plan ahead, or just give Heidi your information, she will remind you of upcoming occasions and make recommendations based on your likes. So if you found the perfect jewelry gift for you or someone you love, make sure to contact us, or stop by our store. If you are planning on a custom design piece, be sure to schedule an appointment with us. 


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