Buying Emeralds at JWO Jewelers


Buying Emeralds at JWO Jewelers

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With the month of May approaching, it’s time to focus on a particularly interesting birthstone – the emerald. Green, shimmering, and beautiful – emeralds are a favorite of many jewelry buyers, whether they were born in May or not.

According to Wikipedia, the word “emerald” is actually derived from the word “smaragdus” – which means “green” in Greek. Emeralds were mined in Egypt as early as 330 B.C. They are considered a symbol of rebirth. Early civilizations believed that the stone granted its owner foresight, youth, and good fortune.

It’s hard to beat that back story.

Perhaps you have a family member, significant other, or friend celebrating their birthday this month. It might be appropriate to buy them an emerald stone within a ring, necklace, or bracelet. In fact, it would probably leave them speechless. Many people live their entire lives without actually owning a piece of jewelry derived from their birthstone. You don’t want that – not for your loved ones. But how can you afford a present like that? Emeralds are expensive.

We can help you there.

As a sibling owned and operated business, JWO Jewelers is prepared to fulfill all of your custom jewelry desires. If you read our story, we’re certain that you’ll feel confident trusting us with your business. After all, our job is to keep you (and your loved ones) happy. We want to share this present with them – just as you do.

Today, most emeralds are mined in South America and the Middle East – Colombia, Brazil, and Afghanistan holding large portions o the market. The availability of high-quality emeralds is limited. Many companies choose to treat their stones to improve clarity, even if the quality is subpar. At JWO Jewelers, we pride ourselves in honesty and integrity. You’ll never see us performing clarity enhancement procedures or selling clarity enhanced emeralds.

JWO specializes in creating custom pieces. You’ll never find the same cut twice. We want you, or a loved one, to own a piece of jewelry that will never be duplicated or remade. Our goal is to provide you with a unique piece of history that you can pass down for generations. This isn’t like buying a birthstone at Kay Jewelers – you’ll never see anyone else wearing it. We’re creating a piece for you, and you alone.

When it comes to designing custom pieces, emeralds are a favorite of ours. With them, we can easily create magical pieces of jewelry that are sure to become a heirloom for your family. Whether Krist is creating a custom ring with emerald accents, an elegant emerald pendant, or unique emerald earrings – it’s far from a challenge to make a “wow” worthy design with emerald jewelry.

Like what you’ve heard, so far? We’re glad to hear it, and we’re excited to hear from you.

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