Jewelry Watch Repair In Roswell

Jewelry Watch Repair In Roswell

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Jewelry Watch Repair In Roswell Georgia

Watch repair is often times necessary in older timepieces.  JWO Jewelers is well known in watch repair around the Roswell, and Atlanta area. Watches and timepieces are valuable collectibles and heirlooms, which is why repairing a broken one is an important option for those interested in keeping their valued pieces in working order.  JWO Jewelers offers watch repair services and providers have years of experience fixing and restoring all types of watches from the most popular brands, including Citizen, Omega, Movado, Cartier, Swiss Army, Tag Heuer, and more. They can service and replace all malfunctioning batteries and bands, restoring watches to like-new condition.

Watch Repair

Finding a reputable watch repair jeweler can be difficult. Look to JWO Jewelers in Roswell. JWO in Roswell Georgia does jewelry watch repair. Call Today 770-552-9235

Watch Repair Is Critical To The Longevity Of Your Watch

Much like the car you drive or the house you live in, your timepiece’s efficiency, durability and beauty depends upon regular professional maintenance.

When you bring your watch to JWO Jewelers you can rest assured knowing that professionally jewelers perform the required work. Furthermore, you’ll know that JWO Jewelers will follow factory protocol throughout entire process, including disassembly, movement cleaning, component replacement, lubrication, timing calibration, case and bracelet refinishing, movement reassembly and re-casing, waterproof testing and quality control testing.

Maintaining specific parts of your watch are essential

Care & Maintenance of you watch

BATTERIES:  Empty quartz watch batteries should be changed immediately in order to avoid leakages of the battery that can damage the movement to the point of irreparability.

BRACELETS, CASINGS & LEATHER STRAPS: Avoid impacts and shocks to the watch. Avoid extreme temperature variations. Water resistance should be checked after any severe shock.

Avoid direct contact with detergents, solvents, fragrances and cosmetics, as they may damage the leather strap, the bracelet or the casing. Diligence in this regard will prevent premature aging of the material as well as discoloration.

For leather straps, avoid contact with water and constant moisture to prevent the deformation (and certain discoloration) of the leather. To prevent fading, keep them out of prolonged direct sunlight.

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