Advantages Of Working With A Second Generation Jeweler

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Advantages Of Working With A Second Generation Jeweler

JWO Second Generation Jeweler: BeingĀ A Team

JWO Jewelers is a second generation jeweler, owned and operated by the children of the original owner, Dirk Hochburger. Now, both Krist and Heidi Hochburger showcase their expertise on a day-to-day basis.

Some of this expertise was gathered from their father as children. Other expertise was gathered through life experience. Krist is both an educated jewelry designer and has been a jewelry bench member since he was quite young. He offers his own line of customized jewelry – known as Von Hoch Designs.

As owners of a second generation jeweler, Krist and Heidi are anything but inexperienced. They know the family business like the back of their hand. They are prepared to learn about your style, preference, birth month, and more – guaranteeing a personalized experience that you will continue to remember for years.

Krist offers in-house jewelry and watch repair, while the siblings work as a team to provide a fine jewelry experience for everyone who walks through their door. Heidi is considered the business manager. She can help you with appraisal, design, and repair needs, all the while respecting your budget.

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Our Story

Dirk Hochburger came to America from Germany in 1949. He was quite young, born to two German parents and living with his mother and stepfather. His family settled in Wisconsin, where Dirk fostered a love for rocks, gems, and horses.

Eventually, Dirk fell in love with jewelry. His passion grew rapidly over time. Over time, he decided that designing and creating his own jewelry would be more satisfying than working in a retail environment. Thus, in 1986, JWO Jewelers was born.

Lucky for Dirk, his entire family shared his passion for repairing and crafting jewelry. When Dirk left the business in 1999, his son (Krist) took over. He attended school, studying jewelry and graduating with honors. Then, Heidi joined the team, helping to restore vintage jewelry and handling the business side of the deal.

It took a family to start JWO Jewelers – and it will take a family to continue to improve it.

When you choose to work with a second generation jeweler, you are guaranteed quality beyond compare.

For more information about JWO Jewelers, give us a call at (770)-552-9235 or schedule an appointment online.

When you decide that you want a beautiful piece of jewelry that will last for generations to come, JWO Jewelers should be your next call. Located in the Roswell area, we are a go-to choice for residents of the Atlanta area.

Come visit us today!


second generation jeweler

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