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Popular Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement Ring Trends for 2017-2018 Do you consider yourself less-than-traditional as a bride? Do you want to surprise your loved one with a unique, impressive engagement ring? Are you simply looking to make a statement as a betrothed couple? Whatever the case, Engagement Ring Trends…

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How to Buy the Perfect Sapphire

  SAPPHIRE HISTORY & HOW TO BUY THE PERFECT SAPPHIRE Sapphire typically refers to the rich blue gemstone Although the Sapphire typically refers to the rich blue gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, this royal gem occurs in a rainbow of hues. Sapphires come in every…


Jewelry History

Jewelry History JWO Jewelers welcomes you to our monthly Jewelry History Article.  Jewelry History Articles are shared by us because of our love for Jewels. Jewelry was always a part of human culture. Even from the times when people first started using clothes and tools…


Emerald Jewelry – May’s Birthstone

Emerald History and Facts  At JWO Jeweler’s we’re setting our sights on the beautiful Emerald Gemstone, which comes in the vibrant green color of a dark forest and stuns anyone who lays eyes on it. It happens to be May’s Birthstone – for some lucky folks we…