The Perfect Diamond

The Perfect Diamond

Diamond Jewelry Design Is As Unique As The Actual Diamond


Perfect Diamond

Did you know the word Diamond comes from ancient Greece? It translates roughly to “unalterable, unbreakable, and untamed.” Hundreds of thousands of people have been obsessed with diamonds for centuries. The value of the diamond had been recorded in many cultures around the world. From a geologist perspective, diamonds are incredibly rare. You must process anywhere from 200 to 250 tons of rock to get a single karat. And that karat might not even be considered gem quality! 

Believe it or not, Diamonds are as rare as major Diamond manufacturers portray it to be – partially because they control the flow. That’s why the phrase “A Diamond is Forever” is believed to be one of the most successful campaigns in history, created by De Beers to help improve sales. In history, diamonds were only owned by royalty and precious stone collectors. There was no attachment to engagement, marriage, or love. 

From a scientific perspective, diamonds are downright fascinating. If you look closely, you can see arrangement, simplicity, and symmetry that can’t be found elsewhere in nature. Because you can choose the shape and style of your diamond, your purchase is special. You don’t have to study diamonds to understand their value or their beauty. All you need to understand is how the Perfect Diamond makes you feel. For many couples, when you see it, you just know. 

Perfect Diamond

It takes a tremendous amount of effort and skill to extract and polish a piece of fine jewelry, especially when a diamond is involved. Jewelry can signify a life-long union between two hearts. No pressure! And, because it takes nearly ten million years for a single fertile diamond pipe to form and breakthrough, we can’t expect more diamonds to come during our lifetime – or even the lifetime of humanity itself. This fact alone makes diamonds one of the rarest jewels on the planet.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Perfect DiamondMany local residents have received beautiful, customized Diamond Jewelry from our  Boutique Jewelry Store. We use CAD/CAM design technology – cutting-edge equipment – to craft the perfect ring for you. We are passionate about our Jewelry and work incredibly hard to bring you something you and your family can cherish forever. Krist and Heid go the extra mile to help you design the perfect Diamond Engagement Ring because they want you to have something as unique and wonderful as the actual Relationship and the Diamond itself. There is no two alike. 

Just like your relationship each Diamond has an individual, once-in-a-lifetime story. Your ring should have that, too. You want the ring you give to your partner to forever signify your love. You can show the world just how amazing your relationship is with a ring that communicates in ways that words cannot. Do you want a ring that 10,000 other people already own? Mass produced rings present this ongoing problem. Will your ring be worth anything later than life? Will it mean something? We want to help you craft a ring that tells your partner how much you care. Let’s get started!

DIAMOND PIECES How to Design Your Custom Diamond Ring

When you design your ring with JWO Jewelers, you don’t need to worry if you are not creative. If you have seen a Ring online that you think is perfect, simply take a screenshot, a snippet… and at the end of the day know we can not only re-create it, but we can add unique touches to the piece. Tell us stories about your relationship, tell us about memories, symbols, and other anecdotes that might help us come up with a vision that we can incorporate into the special Forever Ring. Heidi and Krist will work closely with you every step of the way to make sure your Diamond engagement ring reflects your relationship perfectly. We want to bring your ideas to life, starting with the unique emotions found in your relationship. 

Diamond Heirloom Pieces

Heirloom Jewelry Design

Krist Hochburger creates Diamond and Gemstone pieces from his own inventory, but he can also incorporate Heirloom Diamonds or Gemstones into any Jewelry piece while staying fashionable and trendy. After a Custom Jewelry Design Consultation ( for a small fee) Krist begins the process of the initial design. Your jewelry will be created perfectly to your desire, but not until Heidi confirms the final layout, cost and additional information needed to make the piece come to life.  Only the highest quality metals are used during our process and Krist is a Master Jeweler that has been on the bench for over 2 decades.


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